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Friday, 23 September 2016

Blog Tour + Guest Post: Poppy Mayberry, The Monday (Nova Kids #1) by Jennie K. Brown

What if your teacher could read your mind just because she was born on a Thursday? Or the kid next to you in class could turn back the clock just because he was a 'Wednesday''? In the quirky town of Nova, all of this is normal, but one thing is not---Poppy Mayberry. As an almost-eleven-year-old Monday, she should be able to pass notes in class or brush her dog, Pickle, without lifting a finger. But her Monday telekinesis still has some kinks, and that plate of spaghetti she's passing may just end up on someone's head. And if that's not hard enough, practically perfect Ellie Preston is out to get her, and Principal Wible wants to send her to remedial summer school to work on her powers! It's enough to make a girl want to disappear...if only she were a Friday.
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About Jennie:
Short bio: Jennie K. Brown is an award-winning high school English teacher, freelance magazine writer, and author of children’s books. Her middle grade novel POPPY MAYBERRY, THE MONDAY will be published in September 2016 by Month9Books (Tantrum Books imprint), with a sequel to follow in April 2017. Book 3 in her Nova Kids Series is set to publish in September 2017. Jennie currently serves as president of the Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of English and Language Arts (PCTELA) and she is an active member of SCBWI, NCTE, and ALAN. She is a regular contributor to the SCBWI Eastern PAand PCTELA blogs.
When she’s not teaching or writing, Jennie can be found reading, hanging out with her awesome family, or plotting her next book!

                   Website     Instagrame      Goodreads 

The Guest Post: 
My question was; Top ten favorite Middle Grade books?

Gosh … this is so tough! I’ve read SO MANY amazing middle grade books, but there are a solid few I keep coming back to over and over again! Below are some of my favorites from childhood and adulthood!

The Callendar Papers by Cynthia Voight
            I remember reading this over and over again as a child.
Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh
            I love anything kid-spy related
Anything Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keen
            Love good mysteries!
The Babysitter’s Club Series
            Staple on the ‘90s girl’s bookshelf!
The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi
            The first book I did a book report on in 4th grade. Still love it to this day!
Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert Beatty
            Wonderful, dark, mysterious series!
Harry Potter by J. K Rowling
            No brainer!
Princess Academy by Shannon Hale
            I love most works by Shannon Hale!
All of Lois Duncan’s books
            Can’t resist a good Lois Duncan thriller!
The Wig in the Window
            I just love this fun, new series by Kristen Kittscher

Friday, 16 September 2016

Blog Tour,, Guest Post and Release Day Blitz! Eden’s Escape (Eden of the Lamp #2) By M. Tara Crowl


Eden’s Escape
(Eden of the Lamp #2)
By M. Tara Crowl
From Disney-Hyperion
Release Date: September 6, 2016
Ages 9-12

Eden's new life on earth begins in New York City under the guidance of her new guardian: Pepper, a petite, bubbly genie alum who's also a Broadway actress. Before she has a chance to settle in, though, Eden is whisked away for a granting--only to find herself trapped in a laboratory. David Brightly, owner of the world's leading tech company, cares more about tapping into the lamp's power than making a wish and starts performing tests on Eden. With Brightly's plasma shield around the lamp, Eden has no way home. Left without a choice, she escapes the lab and goes on the run. After her daring exit, Eden finds herself on the streets of Paris--home to Electra's headquarters. Left in a strange city with a price on her head (courtesy of scheming Brightly), Eden has to keep her wits about her. She dons a chic disguise and flits around Paris incognito, investigating Brightly Tech. Assisted by Pepper and her old adversary Bola, as well as some new friends, Eden embarks on a quest to retrieve the lamp and protect the secrets of the genie legacy.

Eden’s Wish
(Eden of the Lamp #1)
By M. Tara Crowl
From Disney-Hyperion
Release Date: September 1, 2015
Ages 9-12

All twelve years of Eden's life have been spent in an antique oil lamp. She lives like a princess inside her tiny, luxurious home; but to Eden, the lamp is nothing but a prison. She hates being a genie. All she wants, more than anything, is freedom.

When Eden finds a gateway to Earth within the lamp, she takes her chance and enters the world she loves. And this time, she won't be sent back after three wishes.

Posing as the new kid at a California middle school, Eden revels in all of Earth's pleasures--but quickly learns that this world isn't as perfect as she always thought it was. Eden soon finds herself in the middle of a centuries-old conflict between powerful immortals. A ruthless organization run by a former genie will stop at nothing to acquire the lamp and its power--even hurt Tyler and Sasha, the new mortal friends who have given Eden a home. To save her friends and protect the lamp's magic, Eden must decide once and for all where she belongs.


 M. Tara Crowl grew up in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. She studied Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California, then received an MA in Creative Writing at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. She lives in New York City.


The Guest Post

Dream cast if the book was made into a movie
            The Eden of the Lamp books are about a twelve-year-old genie who wants to live on Earth like a regular girl. In Eden’s Wish, Eden escapes her lamp, surfaces on the beach in California, makes friends with mortals, and tries to pretend she’s one of them. In Eden’s Escape, she changes history by being the very first genie to come to live on Earth, while remaining an active genie. That means she can still be summoned anywhere in the world to grant three wishes, any time the lamp is rubbed.
            I’d love to see Eden’s adventures onscreen. Movies have been a huge part of my life—I even studied film in college at USC. But doing a fantasy casting is tough! I’ll do my best.
            I have no idea who could play spunky, clumsy, adventurous Eden! I don’t know any tween actors. I’m thinking she might have to be played by an unknown. The same goes for Sasha and Tyler, the sister and brother she befriends when she first comes to Earth.
            The adult roles are easier to cast. Xavier and Goldie are the masters of the lamp, which makes them sort of like parents for Eden. Over the course of thousands of years, they’ve raised dozens of genies. They feed her, teach her in the lamp’s lesson room, and discipline her when she disobeys (which is often). Xavier is described as “tall and broad-shouldered, with dark hair that he slicked back and parted on one side.” He’s firm and stern, but he loves and protects Eden like a father. I think Pierce Brosnan would be a great choice to play him, or Hugh Jackman would be amazing.
The other master, Goldie, is “pretty, plump, and pink-cheeked, with kind eyes and a tiny perfect nose. As a rule, she was more indulgent than Xavier, but over the years Eden had learned that crossing her wasn’t wise.” We see the fiery side of her personality in Eden’s Wish, and even more of it in Eden’s Escape. I think Connie Britton would be wonderful as Goldie. I loved her in Nashville, and she’s got the ideal mix of grace and grit. Considering it’s a dream cast, I’d also love to see Meryl Streep in the role!
            Now, for the genie alumni. Every genie is required to grant 999 wishes before she can retire. At that point, she uses her thousandth wish for whatever she’d like for the rest of her life. Most genies choose to be immortal and live on Earth. In Eden’s Escape, as Eden continues to encounter more alumni, we learn that most of them have also wished for special powers.
            In Eden’s Wish, Eden meets a charming alum named Sylvana who wins her trust right away. But before long, Eden sees that deep down, Sylvana is conniving and cruel. I think Margot Robbie would be the perfect actress to play alluring, devious Sylvana.
            Minka Kelly would be great as Violet, an alum who’s used to being pushed around by her colleagues, but finally learns to stand up for herself. And when I think of Heloise, a mysterious alum introduced in Eden’s Escape, I picture Cara Delevigne.

            Finally, there’s Pepper, Eden’s guardian in New York. Pepper is radiant, child-like, and talented. Over the course of her time on Earth, she’s had several careers as a Broadway actress, under the guise of different identities. I’d choose Anna Kendrick to play her. I think she could nail the character, and she can sing!

This time Eden landed on her feet.When she opened her eyes, she saw that they were planted on black pavement. Black pavement meant a street. She was standing on a street.Okay, she thought. But where? She lifted her eyes.Directly before her were four yellow taxis, side by side, like the front line of  a battalion. To her left and right were buildings so tall, she was as small as a bug in comparison. And in the distance, a narrow slip of bright blue sky framed by more sky-high buildings, as far as she could see.She’d never been here before; of that, she was certain. And yet, she’d received a genie’s education. She’d seen enough photos to know without a doubt where she was.“New York City,” she said softly.RERRR!!! Car horns rang in her ears.“Get outta the road!” yelled a man leaning out of a taxi’s window. “You tryna get killed?”The light had changed, and the battalion was ready to charge.As Eden sprinted to the sidewalk, taxis ripped through the space she left behind. Something heavy bounced on her back, and she felt straps around her shoulders. She was wearing a backpack. Suddenly, it started to vibrate against her back---but there was no time to figure out why right now.There was no less traffic on the sidewalk, but at least it was made up of mortals on foot rather than cars. The prospect of a collision wasn’t nearly as dire.Mortals. She took a deep breath. She had to stop calling them that.After all, she was living among them now.

Happiness pulsed through Eden’s veins. She felt like the luckiest girl in the world.The song ended in an uproar of applause, whistles, cheers, and shouts of “Bravo!” Laughing, Pepper curtsied and hurried off stage.“Pepper!” Eden said as Pepper reached the table. “ You were amazing!”“Do you really think so?” Out of the spotlight, she was still the same old Pepper. And just like in the apartment, she actually cared what Eden thought.“Are you kidding? That was the best thing I’ve ever heard!”Pepper hugged her tight. “It was all for you, kid.”She settled back into her chair, and three men appeared, each from a different part of the room. Each looked desperate to meet her.As the first man introduced himself, Eden felt a strange shudder through her body. There was a sense of acceleration in her chest---a distinct feeling that she knew well.It was a good thing all eyes were on Pepper, because that meant no one was watching when Eden disappeared.

“Wow,” Eden said. “You do love clothes.”      
 “I told you.” Melodie started to sift through the racks. “Now, what we’ve got to do is find something that looks like the opposite of anything you’d ever wear.”            “Isn’t the point for me to go unnoticed?” In Eden’s line of sight were an orange jumpsuit that looked like a prison uniform, a shiny green skirt like a mermaid’s tail, and a feathered Native American headdress. “I don’t think I’d blend in wearing most of this stuff.”            “We’ll put you in something subtle.”            Taking it all in, Eden wondered where exactly Melodie planned to find that.            Though Melodie’s wardrobe seemed chaotically disorganized from an outsider’s perspective, she seemed to know precisely where everything was. After careful consideration, she pulled out a white collared shirt, a navy blazer, a pleated green-and-navy skirt, shiny black shoes, and a navy beret to top it all off. Eden put all of it on as instructed.            “See?” Melodie said delightedly. “You’re just a regular student in Paris!”

The blitz wide giveaway is for a $50 Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift Card (winner’s choice). It is open to anyone who can receive a gift card via email. The giveaway run from Sept. 6-20.

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Monday, 12 September 2016

Blog tour:The Replacement Crush by Lisa Brown Roberts

The Replacement Crush by Lisa Brown Roberts
Publication Date:  September 6, 2016
Publisher:  Entangled TEEN

True love can’t be strategized.

After book blogger Vivian Galdi’s longtime crush pretends their secret summer kissing sessions never happened, Vivian creates a list of safe crushes, determined to protect her heart.

But nerd-hot Dallas, the sweet new guy in town, sends the mission and Vivian’s zing meter into chaos. While designing software for the bookstore where Vivian works, Dallas wages a counter-mission.

Operation Replacement Crush is in full effect. And Dallas is determined to take her heart off the shelf.

About the author

Lisa Brown Roberts still hasn't recovered from the teenage trauma of nearly tweezing off both eyebrows and having to pencil them in for an entire school year. This and other angst-filled memories inspire her to write YA books about navigating life's painful and funny dramas, and falling in love along the way.

Her almost forever home is Colorado, though she occasionally pines for the days when she lived within walking distance of the Pacific Ocean. Her house is full of books, boys, four-legged prima donnas, and lots of laughter.

Author Website: www.lisabrownroberts.com

Long-distance relationships are hard.” Dallas shrugged. “But even if I was still there, we wouldn’t have lasted.” He took a sip of his chai, eyes fixed on me. “Just wasn’t meant to be.”
My heart ricocheted in my chest. Why was he telling me this? He wouldn’t tell me about his secret trophies, but he’d just told me about his girlfriend? Ex-girlfriend, I corrected myself.
“Maybe I’ll try your strategy.” His eyes roved across my face.
“What strategy?” My voice sounded raspy.
“Your replacement mission. Make a list of what type of girl I want.” He paused. “But I’m interested in something longer term. Not just a date for a dance. Want to help me make my list?”
I stared at him as if he’d just asked me to plan a kidnapping.
He smirked, then reached for my notebook again and tore off the sheet of paper he’d written on. “So how does this work?” He inclined his head toward my bag. “You have your replacement notebook with you?”
I gaped at him. Who had told him about my notebook? “Um, this isn’t, uh, why we’re here, Dallas. I’m supposed to be interviewing you, not helping you find a…a…”
“Replacement girlfriend.” Laughter danced in his eyes as he watched me squirm. “Why not? Don’t you want to help out the new guy?”
I huffed a sigh of frustration. “You’re mocking me.”
“No, I’m not. Think about it logically, Spock. You know everyone. You can help me narrow the field.”
I sucked down cold tea, trying to compose myself. Help Dallas narrow the field? Introduce him to potential girlfriends? Everything in me protested, and I knew why.
Because I wanted to be the replacement.
But I couldn’t. That was the whole point of my own mission: not to fall for someone who could make me lose control. Because even if that someone seemed like an amazing person…well…letting myself get carried away again was just too scary.
“We can help each other,” he said. “Since I’m new here, I can give you an outsider’s opinion on your…what do you call them?”
“Targets,” I whispered.
His dimple flashed, deepening as he chuckled. “Targets. Right. So yeah, I’ll give you the outsider’s opinion on your targets. And you give me the inside scoop on my targets.” He paused. “Logically, this should work, Spock.”
“But…but…” I sputtered like a cartoon character. “I don’t know you well enough. To help.”
“You’re getting to know me. Working together in the store. Asking probing interview questions.” He flashed another grin. “And I’ll tell you some of my…criteria. That’s what you call it, right?”
I nodded. My hormones pounded on every nerve in my body, dying to escape and capture Dallas as their personal love slave.

Tour Date:

September 5-23
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One (1) winner will receive
·         A signed copy of The Replacement Crush
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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Spotlight: (Author) Jim Gaven

Hello everyone. I hope you are doing well. Today I am having the children's author and educator from Hamilton  Jim Garven under the spotlight. Indeed,  I've him asked about which one of his writings is closest to his heart; I know you can never ask an author to choose between their books because it's like choosing who's your favorite child among your kids but still, he answered;

The top five books Jim has written can be found here: 

http://www.allaboutalliterations.wordpress.com/ (all 6 books on the bottom of the homepage)

1) Making Musical Melodies (alliteration book about music): 

2) Oh Ocean, Our Ocean (alliterations book about the ocean): 

3) Just Like You and Me (children's book about special needs): 

4) Friends Find Fun For Food (alliterations book about food): 

5) Remember, I Love You (baby bedtime book about love):

6) I Love... (another baby bedtime book about love): 

But speaking of his favorite authors/books; he said;

  1. Anything by Mitch Albom,
  2. The Purpose Driven Life,
  3. The four hour work week, 
  4. and Rich Dad Poor Dad.  

About the Author   (Through his own words)

My name is Jim Gaven and I am a children's author and educator from Hamilton, NJ. I love what you do to positively influence the next generation through your blogs about children's books. Being in the human services field myself at Allies, Inc. (www.alliesnj.org), a non-profit organization who supports and serves people with developmental and physical disabilities to lead more fulfilling, independent lives, I truly appreciate all of the time and energy that goes into making a difference in the lives of those you teach on a daily basis. With that said, I've been creating as many music activities and songs to use as teaching tools for children (Pre-K at Step Ahead in Trenton) as well as teenagers and adults with special needs (at the Arc Mercer, and now at Allies) over the past 6 years. I'd love to share with you a link to a store I created as an educator to teach life skills as well as learn about instruments through songs and activities which you are more than welcome to peruse and share with anyone whom you feel would benefit from using music as a teaching tool: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Jim-Gaven

In addition to the links above, here is a website I created for the children's books I've written (3 about alliterations, and 2 bedtime stories: https://allaboutalliterations.wordpress.com/  I believe the ones about alliterations, as it is now a 3 part series, would be perfect for children as they talk about: 

1.  Food (Friends Find Fun For Food--available on Kindle and Amazon, published by Publish America, now, America StarBooks): 

2. Music (Making Musical Melodies-also available on Kindle and Amazon, published by Publish America, now, America StarBooks): 

Website           Facebook           Twitter

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Release Day, Gues Celebration: un/FAIR by Steven Harper with Giveaway

Release Day Celebration: un/FAIR by Steven Harper with Giveaway
Welcome to the Release Day Celebration for
un/FAIR by Steven Harper
presented by Tantrum Books/Tantrum Books!
Be sure to enter the giveaway found at the end of the post!
Happy Book Birthday, Steven!
Unfair Cover
It's difficult enough to live in the neighborhood "freakazoid" house. It's even more difficult when you're autistic and neither your family nor best friend really understands you. So when Ryan November wakes up on his eleventh birthday with the unexpected ability to see the future, he braces himself for trouble. But even his newfound power doesn't anticipate that the fair folk--undines, salamanders, gnomes, and sylphs--want him dead, dead, dead. Ryan races to defend himself and his family against unrelenting danger from the fairy realm so he can uncover the truth about his family history--and himself. Except as Ryan's power grows, the more enticing the fairy realm becomes, forcing him to choose between order and chaos, power and family. And for an autistic boy, such choices are never cut and dry.
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un/Fair by Steven Harper Publication Date: September 6, 2016 Publisher: Tantrum Books/Month9Books
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Guest Post:
So I have asked the author about his dream cast for the novel and he answered the follow...
 The young Rupert Grint would do a great job as Ryan, I think. 

For Alison, I think the young Dakota Fanning.  

     Ryan's mother and aunts are triplets, so one actress would play all three of them, and I'd love to see  Kristen Wiig in those roles.  

    Sam Neill would have to play Ryan's father. 

    Andy Serkis would have to play all the fairy voices, of course!

    Steven Harper
    Steven Harper/Piziks is the author of multiple fantasy and science fiction novels written for adults, notably the Clockwork Empire and Silent Empire series for Roc as Steven Harper and movie novelizations and tie ins for Pocket Books as Steven Piziks (IDENTITY, THE EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING, GHOST WHISPERER: THE PLAUGE ROOM). He’s also the father of an autistic son.
    Complete the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win!